Rita Takács

Contact info@wolfscience.at
With us since 14.09.2009
Favourite animal at the WSC all

My tasks include the training and the daily caring of the animals, to ensure their well-being. We try to achieve that by daily workt with them performed as training, cognitions tests for various research projects, pack visits, walks and „environmental enrichment“. In addition I 'm responsible for the medical care of the wolves and the dogs. I register their medical treatments and keep them up to date. There is a close and effective cooperation between our veterinarian and the other colleagues. All these aspects have the same aim - to keep the stress for the animals during medical procedures as low as possible.

I also was involved in planing of the current WSC-facility. I designed the enclosures and the "Shifting System" (tunnel-guiding-system),that's in daily use to get the animals from one place to the other.

It was not the first time, that I to recognize, what is really behind a prejudice or the image we have aobut an animal species. It takes a lot of time to get really familiar with different species and day by day I'm delighted anew the more I get to know the deep characters of our wolves and dogs.