Marleen Hentrup

With us since September 2010
Favourite animal at the WSC Yukon, Kenai, Kay, Meru, Hakima, Bora
Companion Spike

One of my tasks at the WSC is the manual raising of the animals. The training and the tests - another field of my tasks - provide physical and mental well-being for them. I also like the work with visitors together with the animals, like presentions for visitors and pack visits. The walks with the animals with or without visitors are always something special for me. In addition I compile the weekly schedule, organize and help the students and I'm even used to the computer system at the WSC.

Since I was involved in the raising of all of our dogs, it's difficult for me to have just one darling. I like Hakima very well because of his easy character, Meru because he's just the cutest dog we have and Bora because her funny and alway cheerful way. It's difficult with the wolves as well. Yukon and I understood each other from the beginning. Kenai is the first wolf, whom I raised and Kay is my favourite from the last generation of wolves.

I grew up in the little town Telgte in Germany together with shepherd dogs and since ever I walked dogs from neighbourhood or looked after them. After the school leaving examination I bought against the will of my parents a Jack-Russel-Dachshund-Mongrel. With Spike I practised "Agility" during my study of biology in a club in Ostbervern.

In January 2010 I started with my master thesis at the WSC with the topic "The effect of social relations on joint object interactions in wolves". Since September 2010 I'm animal trainer at the WSC. 2011 I trained for an hungarian man the Magyar Vizsla male Donnie as a guide-dog for the blind.

In addition I also train our wolves in "agility", e.g. Yukon is now able to jump onto a high silo bale.