Dipl.-Ing. Mandana Eibegger

Web- and Graphic development
Contact m.eibegger@schoener.at
Homepage http://www.schoener.at
With us since March 2008
Favourite wolf film Peter & the Wolf by Suzie Templeton

I issue the web- and graphic appearance ot the Wolf Science Center from the very beginning. This - as well as the old - webpage, the wolf-path and some of the singpost in the park are all my work. I'm responsible for the design as well as for the realization, develop the architectur of information and and keep the directive intervention in the design of the products issued by my own.

Actually I'm not a real collaborator of the WSC. Independent since the end of the 90's I develop webpages and graphic appearances for joy in design and as a profession. The collaboration at this project was in a large part voluntary and meanwhile we were able - thanks to the support of the Federal State Lower Austria - to realize this webpag e. I joined up after the participation of my dog "Su" in cognition tests at the  Clever Dog Lab, where we contributed to pointing tests, touchscreen-tasks and other experiments. 

In the super market next-doori got into a conversation with:
What I  then were doing on my job -oh! that sounds really intersting - they just would look for somebody to compile a webpage for their new wolf project!
I was hooked immediately. Wolves and behavioural research - a dream from childhood came true ...

A word - a blow, we got to work. The first webpage should be only a small one - just 3 to 4 brief pages with visitor- and research-infos.Pretty soon it was clear, that we also needed WSC News and Diary pages, portrait pages, the dogs were added, informations about sponsoring possibilites and the arising visitor programs also had to be placed.
The Development of the Wolf Science Center was dashing and together with it not only the webpage did grow. We worked nights without breaks to design posters, folders, flyers, singpost, etc.

Meanwhile most of the graphic work is done by students and trainees of the WSC, but I'm glad to be still part of the pack and to have made a further contribution by this webpage.

The question after a favourite-something or -somenone is not easily to be answered. But then I remembered the Oscar-rewarded  Suzie Templeton Stop-Motion-animation-shortfilm "Peter and the wolf".
The film is a variation of Prokofjews tale: When the wolf eats the only friend of Peter, this develops an incredible dourage and catches the wolf. At the same time he rescues him from the "hunters" and after he had wanted to sell the wolf in the village and had watched man and animal, he set him free under the astonished looks of the others.
This masterpiece of cinematic storytelling entirely foregoes dialogues and merely let speak the images and the original music of (performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra).. The characters and scenes are patterned incredibly emotional and affectionate. A  movie to get goose pimples!