Lars Burkert

With us since June 2016
Favourite animal at the WSC Etu & Ela

I was always interested in biology, especially animals. This was supported by the fact that my family had several different animals. We had mice, birds, fishes and of course our lifestock guardian dog Rinia. Even a hedgehog spent a winter in our house. Therefore I always oriented myself towards the behavior of animals, first during my bachelor studies and later on during my master studies as well. This interest also led me to the WSC, where I had the opportunity to work on my project with many wonderful animals. Towards the end of my internship, I had the chance to apply for the position of a trainer trainee. I was happy, when I was accepted and took directly part in the raising of the wolf puppies, which were born in spring.

The time of the raising was very interesting and adventurous, especially since it was my first wolf generation. There were many things to be kept in mind when raising the little wolves and they tested our limits. Especially Etu was quite the troublemaker and quite soon, we had to put everything higher up respectively out of his reach. Of course, it was a wonderful time and it was a lot of fun to cuddle with the small wolves and staying at night with them. During the raising period, I spent a lot of time with the puppies and therefore less with the adult wolves. It changed with the integration of the small puppies to the adults.

After the integration, my daily work as a trainer trainee changed. I still spent some time with the puppies, but also the adults and the dogs got more a part in it. I love the work with all the animals, dog and wolf alike. If I care for them, walk them, train them or participate in tests with them, I am excited about every aspect of my job!