Kerstin Kadletz

Operations Assistant
With us since September 2017
Favourite animal at the WSC Aragorn
Companion Mix-breed Olive und Chihuahua Casey

In September 2013 I came to the Wolf Science Center as a research intern and spent 6 months working with the wolves and the dogs.

During my time away from the WSC I finished my Master Degree in Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management and wrote my thesis was about ‘conservation genetics’ of a relict bird species in Austria.  I was also working as an animal keeper and –trainer abroad. My big passion is animals and I also devote my leisure time to them. I love to go running with my dog or take the horses  on a trail ride.

Over all those years I have been following the WSC and I am very happy to be back working here again. I am working as an operations assistant and I take care of tourism, media and administration concerns. It’s a very interesting place to work and every day is a new adventure.