Priv.Doz. Friederike Range

Leader and Founder
University Messerli Research Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Medical University
With us since 2008
Favourite animal at the WSC Kaspar
Companion Guinness

We founded together with Zsófia and Kurt in 2008 the WSC. It grew much qicker than we did expect and thus forced us to act - besides or scientific work - as managers. A very exciting adventure. Nowadays I spend a cosiderable part of my time with administrative activities, the work with students, the writing of applications for third-party funds - to earn financial means for our research, etc. So only a few hours a week  are kept for my favourite task - the execution of tests with dogs and wolves. How did I get there? Well, it was a long and stony way...

I finished my studies of biology (1992-1998) at the University of Bayreuth/Germany with the focus to ethology. My first experiences with science I gathered  as a volunteer in a research project of the University of Bayreuth in Costa Rica and in a project in the National Park Berchtesgarden/ Germany. The research work for my diploma thesis I performed at the Ivory Coast/Western Africa, investigating the social behaviour of sooty mangabeys. Sooty mangabeys are terrestric monkeys existing only in Western Africa. Afte the study I worked at the Max-Planck-Institute (MPI) for Evolutionarye Anthropology in Leipzig/Germany. My doctoral dissertation I passed at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN) in Philadelphia/ USA. Thereby my scientific interest shifted (moved/headed) more towards cognition and the dAy Cost investigating the mental abilities and social interactions of  sooty mangabeys. 

After the completion of my doctoral thesis in 2004 I returned to Europe. initially I worked for a couple of months with ravens at the Zuerst habe ich ein paar Monate an der Konrad-Lorenz-Research-Center in Grünau/Austria. At this I was primarly interested in their individual learning ability.

Having finished this project  I took my first post-doc position at the University of Vienna. it was my task in a EU-project (EDICI) of Prof. Ludwig Huber to investigate the social learning,  particularly the imitation in tamarins and dogs. In the course of this post-doc position I founded together with Ludiwg Huberaund Zsófia Virányi the Clever Dog Lab in 2007. 

And while we were just on founding associations we established together with Zsófia Virányi and Kurt Kotrschal the Wolf Science Center).

After the EDICI Project was finished, I was allowed FWF Project, therefore I could start with the investigation of cognitions and the development of cooperation in wolves. Since september 2011 I am emploed as university assistent at the new Messerli Research institue at the Veterinary University of Vienna. One of my tasks is the scientific management of the Clever Dog Labs.