Esther Rudolph

With us since 15.07.2016
Favourite wolf song TV On The Radio: Wolf Like Me
Favourite animal at the WSC Kenai, Layla
Favourite howling Maikan

Even though I had a dog and lived in Vienna for quite a while, I hadn't heard about the Wolf Science Center until I did some research for a novel. But from then on I've been in awe. Cognitive science, no matter the species, always fascinated me. And I love canids, so I knew immedately, that I wanted to visit this place. I did so in late 2014, got my first goosebumps thanks to the howling, and fell in love with the Ernstbrunn forest and the castle.  

When the next peak season began in spring 2015 and the WSC was looking for tour guides, I spontaneously volunteered. Some months later I also started to complement the social media management of the team. In the summer of 2016 the opportunity for a full-time employment in the office popped up. I happily moved to Ernstbrunn to support the management regarding tourism, media and administration. The WSC is an exciting place to work. All the different people and animals as well as the big varitey of tasks make sure, that one will never get bored. Never ever.

Especially the scientific tests keep fascinating me. It's incredible to see, how they get designed, how many things have to be kept in mind. And I really admire the students' creativity, their crafty skills and even more their persistence, when one single strike of a big paw destroys the equipment, that took them countless hours to build. Or when an inadvertently slammed door makes sure, that one wolf or dog stops to cooperate for weeks or even months.

Every day at the Wolf Science Center is interesting, and it's great to participate.