Gender male
Date of birth 02.04.2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Enzi, Panya, Banzai, Pepeo
Companion Corinna Kratz

The Howler 

Zazu is a sweet, cheeky and lovely dog. He loves to play for hours, especially with conspecifics and he also has a passion for hunting. The husky in him is probably the reason why he likes to run a lot. When he’s finally tired he enjoys sleeping. His favorite hobby is to howl which he may have learned from the wolves. He howls in every situation and he is very creative in his notes. 


Zazu is brown but in a lot of different shades. His paws, chest and throat are white. He has conspicuous cute, light, brown eyebrows, a white dot on his muzzle and a tiny white tag. 

With conspecifics

Zazu loves other dogs. His time at the WSC influenced him a lot. Zazu is not much interested in human and also shy when he meets new people. Dogs, in contrast, are great. Zazu just started to dominate other, not castrated males but one can totally trust him. He is a highly social dog and so far he managed to solve every critical situation with other dogs. One can be proud of him. Still, Zazu enjoys to mob other dogs now and then. When there are three dogs he takes one and then they tease the third one. But we keep practicing to overcome that issue. 

At learning and in interaction with us

Zazu likes to learn new tricks. He is always very attentive. We taught him a lot of funny things, for example Commando (thanks Pete). Thereby, he crawls over the floor like a little seal. He enjoys that trick and he uses it everywhere, especially when he’s supposed to stay at one place but would like to go somewhere else without being noticed. Zazu is very smart. 

With strangers and unkown objects

Zazu is actually often afraid of strangers and unkown objects. But we simply use a commando called Touch which he already learned at the WSC. As soon as he touches something or someone with his nose he relaxes immediately and is able to get to know strangers or objects.