Enthralled scientist
Gender male
Date of birth 16.05.2002
Origin Animal shelter/Hungary
Breed Mongrel
Companion Zsófia Virányi

It's a sight for the gods when the 30 cm high Todor is welcomed by the wolves! Our fully grown, high wolves try to look smaller and gladly bow to the tiny mongrel male. 

Todor works at the WSC as a model dog in the experiments and assists in the puppy raising. He's really a champ as a puppy raising dog until they are too large for him - then the raising is thoo strenuous for him and he does not come tto enclosure any more. He is very obedient and loves to be at the WSC.

Todor follows Zsófi wherever she goes and is known for his good nature and adaptibility. He can fascinate humans by his facial expresions, his communication is clear and understandable! Even the wolf puppies as well as the adult wolves appreciate the lively, friendly male.

In particular the wolf lady Yukon is totally keen on the little male and likes to bring sticks meeting him outside the enclosure in the park.

Todor also works in the Clever Dog Lab in Vienna, where he was found to be an avid fan of the computer. He assists as a model animal for dogs in numerous studies on the learning of watching. Besides Todor worked from the age of one to one and a half years as therapy dog for autistic children with the "Dogs for Humans Foundation".

Zsófia Virányi took Todor with her from a hungarian animal shelter when he was two weeks ald. Thus he started his scientific career very early for being one of the dogs in the wolf project of the Departure for Ethology of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest: he was hand raised in the same way as the wolves.

He took part in his first behavioural studies at the tender age of only 3 weeks and since then he never stopped being an enthralled participant in experiments.

To compensate this sometimes very exhausting job Todor likes to "bring stick" in his sparetime actively supported by Zsófia and the members of the WSC.