Makes any trick for treat
Gender Male, gelded
Date of birth 13.06.2005
Origin Farm in Telgte/Germany
Breed Jack-Russel-Dachshund-Mongrel
Companion Marleen Hentrupp

Spike and Marleen know each other since he was 3 days old. With 8 weeks Marleen took him to her home and since then the two only come as a package. He is - unsirprisingly with this mix - a very active dog, who likes to be challeng physically as well as mentally.

At the WSC he can frolic around to his heart's content. He works with excessive motivation at the touchscreen, so that he even has to bes stopped some time for staying concetrated. As he's not always easy in his dealings with unknown persons he made some very bad experiences,when he was younger), the students are able to learn with him how they have to act in the presence of wolves. Two days later Spike will have taken the new ones to his heart and will perform any questioned trick as long as food is involved. And he knows a lot of tricks. Spike is also very often the test dog for the check out, how something could be trained. Thus he is the "test model" at the treadmill. if someone has or wants to learn trainingsmethods, he's always at everybodie's command therefore!

Spike shares his home with the three dogs of Bea - Oszkár, Kendraaund Wicca. Meanwhile the 4 became a real pack and back each other. At the WSC Spike is either ignored od chased by the older wolves for he was not involved in their raising. The 6 youngest puppies are submissive to him. But he doesn't like them at all and thus he meets them only at the fence. The other WSC-dogs most often are ignored by him and he doesn't want to have anything to do with them, but they can go for joint walks, which then are enjoyed by both sides.