Princess Calmness
Gender female
Date of birth 21.03.2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Hiari, Gombo, Imara, Sahibu, Tuukka, Jitu
Companion Kata Rille

Kisa is a secure and independent dog. She is calm in every situation, and makes you work for her enthusiasm. She has self-confidence, she is patient even if she has to lie on the train or in the office for hours, and very silent. She almost never vocalizes. She likes to do everything in her own way. She is also a hunter. At home she still likes to sleep in upside-down positions.


With size she is one of the smallest of all of her siblings. She is mainly brown and white, with some black in it as well. Her back and head is brown in a lot of different shapes. Her chest, stomach and muzzle are white. Her tail is dark brown with white at the end. She also has different eye colors: her right eye is blue and her left eye is brown.

With conspecifics 

She is (most of the time) very friendly with dogs – but she is not overly crazy for dog-companions. If there are too many dogs around, she prefers sitting further away and observes them from distance. She does not really like too energetic dogs – she prefers calm playing. She has a few dog-friends she likes to go crazy with during play, but other then them, she prefers sniffing on the ground for hours.

At learning and in interaction with us

She likes to participate in trainings, and she was already the companion of her owner at a therapy dog school – where she completed her tasks excellently. She is easily motivated with toys and with food as well. With humans in the beginning she was a little shy, but thanks to some training on that, nowadays she is friendly with everyone and likes to rub herself to them, just like if she would be a big cat. She also started the habbit of searching food in every pocket she can sense – even if it belongs to people she never saw before – she can never know, she might be lucky and get some extra treats.

With strangers and unknown objects  

She is a very secure dog most of the time. She is calm, and it was hardly ever observed that she got scared from an object. Even if she did, she could come over it by herself in a few seconds. With strangers, she has a very interesting attitude: she loves older people. Most of the time with other people she is either friendly or just ignoring them. But she is very rearly scared.