Gender male
Date of birth 13. September 2010
Origin Hungary
Breed Mix-breed
Siblings Bashira resp. Mali
Companion Christina Mayer

Since he left the pack in September 2013, he found a new home with Christina Mayer. The reason he came out was, because he stood in front of Maisha and was barking for hour into his face, the sheer psychological terror.

The beginning was hard when you are taken out of the enclosure in the dead of night and mud, and first thing you get a shower because you are so dirty, which is not fun at all, and then you are put in a loud, metal thing that moves on its own and then you are brought to a place you have never seen.

Nevertheless, the first shock was over quiet quickly. Especially if you live with humans there are wonderful soft and fluffy cushions where you can lie on and you get food just for yourself. Nowadays you would not belief that he ever lived in an enclosure, because lying on the naked floor is a nogo. The softer the better.

With all the new impressions of daily life, he had no problems. Although he had never seen a city, was traveling with public transportation or has learnt to lie under the table of a restaurant and sleep. But other dogs were the enemies. It took more than half a year until he was not completely freaking out when we met another dog on a walk. Already when he saw it far away he started to bark and growl. Even today he still mumbles around when we pass other dogs, especially bigger ones, but it is much easier.

Dogs he knows and are nice to him, he loves. The problem is just, to know if they are nice your first have to meet them. This principle he never understood. With his flatmate Freya, he loves to run after the ball and with Pan he used to cuddle on a blanket.