Always ahead by a nose
Gender Female
Date of birth 28.1.04
Origin Northern Germany
Breed Border Collie
Companion Friederike Range

Guinness is a female Border Collie with a sweeping temper, who likes to get her own will. of course the latter sometimes leads to little frictions between her and her owner Friederike Range, but what would a dog be without own will!

Guinness was our first computer-freak - since 2004 she puts heart and soul into the different computer touchscreen tasks at the Clever Dog Lab. Besides this activity she often supports us in other experiments. Here she is the model dog in the social lerarning tests. Thereby it's her task to show to the other dogs, how a specific problem is to be solved.

AT the Wolf Science Center she assists in the raising of the puppies, likes to go for a wolk with the adult wolves and often she's here a model for wolves and dogs in various experiments as well. She likes to work at the University and the WSC very much.

In her sparetime she like to accompany Friederike at  jogging,  mountainbiking, going on skiin tours and at hiking in the Alps.