Beauty queen
Gender female
Date of birth 07/15/2006
Origin Neulengbach/ Niederösterreich
Breed Eurasien
Companion Kurt Kotrschal

Bolita was as a partner in raising our wolves and a lot of our dogs a very engaged part. She still gets along with the eldest and most grave wolves. They gladly bow to her at her less often visits in the packs and like her company on the long walks on the leash. She resemble the wolves in being calm an self-confident, attentive, alert and always ready to be active if necessary. Strictly relate to Kurt and other colleagues at the  WSC and reliable, she yet preserves her independence and makes her decisions on her own; a typical Eurasian, who concerning their sublte aligned social communication and calm are quite similar to wolves. That's the way our spitz-like dogs genetically are.

As an Eurasian ( she's rather classed among the cheerful-friendly end of the temper range of this race. The WSC is her second home: she loves to be amongst the colleagues, the wolves and the dogs and gets along with everyone. Well, nearly;  There are little spats with Guinness (or vice-versa). But as both know that either Friederike nor I like to see them quarreling, they keep peace. At least most often.

Bolita was born on July, 15th, 2006 in the kennel „Von Kleinbodenbach“ /Lower Austra owning to her mexicane breeder (therefore her name, which means "small ball" in spanish) and spent her first eight weeks with the human family, the children, her four siblings and her mother Bjana vom Ragenvald in a beautiful house with garden. However, after these 8 weeks those looked like a typical adventure playground for dog puppies. The father of Bolita  was  "Alamo vom Tal der Raben“, a son of our first eurasian dog Briska.

Bolita is a beauty, and that not only in the eyes of her human partners. Easily (Hands down) she became the austrian youth champion in 2007 after several FCI-dog-exhibitions. Since then she raised two own litters, incidentally in our living room in Scharnstein. The dates of ddelivery were Dec.,11th, 2008 (4/4) and March, 15th, 2009  (3/5). She was a caring and protecting mother and the experiences with her own offsprings certainly contributed her social dealing with the wolf and dog puppies. All puppies found fantastic humans in Austria and Germany.

Bolitas main function at the WSC is to keep the overview :-). Besides her duties as patient foster-mother she sometimes takes part in the scientific work and poses experienced before Photo- and TV-cameras. She is the most important social supporter (backer) for Kurt (resp. reverse).

Bowing to her by all of our wolves sometimes leads to funny situations. For example we brought the ´four year old black she-wolf Shima into the first contact with the six week old wolf puppies in June 2012, Bolita was in the enclosure, too. The slightly surprised she-wolf was first dropped in on 12 six week old lively wolf puppies andimmediatly regurgitated food for them. Afterwards she bowed to Bolita and at the same time the puppies bowed to Shima. „Serial bowing", really funny to watch. But Bolita retired quickly and left "her" puppies to friendly and motherly (mummsy) Shima. Bolita doesn't mind to play sometimes the foster-mother for wolf- and dog puppies, but  you don't have to always overdo it :-).