The start-up phase of the WSC in the wildpark Ernstbrunn

March - October 2010

Building lot "Puppy-Enclosure" Image 1 of 3 Open lightbox

Large parts of the wildpark were reshaped, enclosures established, houses and research facilities built up. Now there is room enough for our wolves and dogs and we scientists can do our work in a noteworthy environment. Our animals feel fine in two enclosures, each 8.000 m², and several enclosures of 4.000 m² each, for there they have enogh room and open space.

The whole setting would not nave been possible without the support of the many little and big sponsors. From local firms to big enterprises they gave us a helping hand -  be it financially, or directly with materials, or with their manpower.

And last but not least all that came true by the enormous cooperattiveness of the owner and of the employees of the wildpark. We felt really comfortable from the very beginning.

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