The second generation of dogs arrives - shortly after an event of death

Winter 2010

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The little sibling pairs Meru and Tana, Bashira and Hakima as well as Asali and Binti enriched the life at the WSC! After two months in Hungary the raising of the 6 lively dog puppies proceeded in our new puppy house. At the age of 4 months Meru and Tana were integrated into one pack with Alika and  Kilio and Rafiki with Asali, Bashira, Binti and Hakima formed a second pack.

Alas, Tana, a little male, died at the end of the winter after integration in the pack of the adult dogs. Due to having been bitten several times Tana died of a complete circulatory collapse. Even the emergency operation at the Veterinary University in Vienna could not help. In this pack frequent mobbing occured previously. Most likely Tana was hurt during a fight with members of the pack. Alika,the sister of Rafiki, was taken out of the pack after this tragic occurence, since she was one of the instigators of mobbing.

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