Splitting the pack

January - March 2010

The large wolf pack Photo: Friederike Range Image 1 of 4 Open lightbox

The large pack was existing until the beginning of  2010.

Experts of wolves might already suspect something: wolves will not become sexually mature until an age of 22 months. In the late winter - during January and February - our sexually mature female wolves were on heat. For Shima it was the first time in this winter of 2010.

One of the two sexually mature males - Kaspar - underwent already vasectomy, Aragorn was still intact. Since we did not want to run the risk of  Aragorn pairing with his sister, he received a hormon implant. This hormonal treatment castrated him chemically for some time. As a consequence he changed his behaviour and he probably smelled different as well. Geronimo and also Nanuk played milked the situation and therefore the mobbing started. As the situation worsened we decided to split the pack.

The both wolves from Basel - Apache and Cherokee - stayed with the elder black wolves and the four americans formed their own pack.

Now we had two packs at the WSC.

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