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June 2012

Pupils filming the happening in the enclosures from above the bridge Photo: Charles Gent Image 1 of 1 Open lightbox

A promising pilot study of a most topical theme lead to the permission to be a topic of the Federal Ministry of Science and Research.

In this pilotproject a lot of pupils come in groups to the WSC to film participants of workshops and to hand out questionaries.

This project  runs as part of the “Sparkling Science”.program of the BMWF (FMSR) and has been officially permitted at this point of time.

Under the title  “The Attitudes of Varient Segments of the Population in Eastern Austria towards the Wolf and the Dog; a questionnaire campaign and Behaviour Study" it is to be found out:

- how the re-immigration of the wolf is faced by people in the city (Vienna) compared to in the country and

- wether dog-liking persons are wolf-liking as well.

Two middle-school classes from secondary schools in Vienna will actively collaborate and - based on film material and questionaries - try to get interesting results.

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