Apache, "the crocodile", must undergo surgery

Spring 2010

Portrait of the black wolf Apache. Photo: Daniel Zupanc Image 1 of 1 Open lightbox

If someone forgets anything in the enclosure or anything else than wood lies around:  Assuredly there is one, who ferrets it out and must test its digestibility. We had and still have to pay hellish attention to things in Apache's mouth and wether he swallows it!

Finally he gulped a piece of a plastic curtain. And this piece could only be removed by surgery from his stomach.....after Kaspar's elective operation this was the first time we had to organize an emergency surgery.

A thing like that means a lot of stress, you must not loose any time and all relies on the cooperation with the veterinarian and a medical center. Fortunately Mrs. Buchmayer - our veterinarian - is on a distance of  only 3 km! And the specialists of the Veterinary University of Vienna willingly support us.

Everything went well and Apache was back a greedy as before.

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