Addition to the family of the WSC

May 2009

The little wolf puppy Tatonga in the grass Photo: Marianne Heberlein Image 1 of 4 Open lightbox

In may 2009 new blood arrived at the WSC: four "Americans" and two "Helvetians".The siblings Geronimo and Yukon as well as the only-children Nanuk and Tatonga had to get over a long journey from USA, until they could move to the puppy enclosure in the kitchen garden. A filming team of the ORF accompanied this odyssey and the  DVD "Mit Wölfen unter einer Decke" is availble commercially (as well as over here).

From May until October 2009 they formed together with the black-white pair of siblings Apache and Cherokee - deriving from the zoo of  Basel - the pack of puppies.

They were housed in the kitchen garden in an enclosure, directly bordered on the enclosure of the adult wolves - separated only by a fence.

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