6 new wolf puppies - the first wolf puppies amid the wildpark!

May 2012

A little wolf watching a fly Photo: Daniel Zupanc Image 1 of 3 Open lightbox

After a wolf-puppy-break of one year on May, 4th, 2012 once again 6 little wolves arrived at us.

For two of the wolves we hoped since long time: the siblings Kay and Wamblee come from Haliburton in Canada - and from the beginning we wanted to have wolves from this region. Finally it worked! Marleen Hentrup picked them up.

The four Americans - Amarok, Tala Eristoff, Chitto and Una - come from a foto farm in Minnesota/USA. Patricia Berner and Gale Motter took care of the four puppies first in the USA and brought them to Austria after finally having got the entry documents.

Again it was a long journey for the 2 Canadians and the 4 Americans.

Their arrival was documented by the media in detail and the puppies attracted wide interest in the wildpark. For they were the first puppies raised amid the wildpark!

Unlike the earlier wolves they landed in a well prepared puppy enclosure, in a modern and with a lot of technical facilities equipped research institute. Many collaborators, students, photographers and visitors paid attention to the animals. And a large number of adult wolves was looking forward to meet the little ones and expected them whining at the fence.

Due to the 6 new wolves the stock of animals at the WSC is considerably larger and therefore naturally more important.

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