Hurry-scurry nerd

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Gender Female
Date of birth June 2011
Origin Hungary
Siblings Nuru
Pack Layla Pack;
together with Enzi, Layla & Panya

Zuri is a little tomboy. Everyone entering the enclosure is licked from top to bottom and jumped on. After a  boisterous welcome ceremony she wants to be fondled and stroked for hours.

Zuri …

... appearance

"s there a  Golden Retriever in her?" - we can't tell. But anyway, she and her brother looks as if something of this breed would have slipped in. Zuri is not as light-coloured, large and strong as her brother. But much more active.

... with conspecifics

Sometimes Zuri dares to approach her brother, when he's defending his food. The two others are there not so brave. She gets along with her pack members very well and can be watched often in playful tussles.

...at learning and in interaction with us

Zuri is able to sit stoically in front of the touchscreen. most often she solves her tasks quite well!  At the training commands she has to practice "stay" - like the other younger dogs - still a lot more.

With us and also with strangers she's extremely friendly, only her boisterous way is not everbody's taste.

... as puppy

Zuri was at far the most boisterous and  active member of our little dog family! Nobody was safe from her. In particular, when one didn't expect it, she approach by a giant leap and rubbed herself at us. Afterwards one was licked without mercy, until one felt like just having been taken a shower.

Even her pack members were not spared. Then their games could be pretty rough. But finally all lied peacefully snuggling together and had a rest from the exhausting games. Our little tomboy!