Better with man

Yera standing and peering Photo: Peter Kaut Image 1 of 2 Open lightbox

Gender male
Date of birth July 2011
Origin Hungary
Siblings Kali
Companion Burkart
Pack Those, who left the pack;
together with Alika, Bashira, Hakima, Kali, Kilio, Nuru, Pepeo, Rafiki & Tana

Yera looks a little bit like Meru after a diet. The similarity can be transferred as well to the calm temper, a feature of both. It became apparent in the tests, that he is a very person-oriented dog. For this and other reasons we "got him out" of the puppy pack in spring 2012.

In the contrary to the others dogs, who felt comfortable in the pack, he was obviously stressed and e.g. never wanted to go back into the enclosure and the other playful puppies. Unfortunately his uncertain-dominant style also lead to mobbing from the beginning of the year, it was at his best to remove him from the pack. Now he's allowed to be Burckard's (one of our honorary collaborators) new dog. Finally a person on its own for Yera!

Yera … learning and in interaction with us


... as puppy