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Gender männlich
Date of birth 2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Hiari, Gombo, Imara
Pack Nia Pack

The smart one

Sahibu …

... appearance

With his different eye-colours, he is quite easy to distinguish from the other puppies. He is also tall and has a naturally quite thin body shape. The colour of his fur is mostly dark-brownish with light brown pattern, especially around his eyes.

... with conspecifics

Around his siblings he is quite secure, and not really a troublemaker. Sometimes he jumps into fights, but quite soon he realizes that it is just a waste of energy and lies down to take a nap. Although it is quite clear that he prefers humans over conspecifics, and he is sometimes alone after humans are no longer present, this goes away really quickly and he starts playing with his siblings soon after. learning and in interaction with us

As mentioned above he really likes to cuddle with humans and be around them and get petted. Also he shows amazing learning skills and willingness to get to know new things – as long as a human is present. Almost in all our tests he was the first one who completed the tasks (object permanence and trainability), but when it comes to personality tests (dealing with isolation or neophobia tests), he is not really eager to participate anymore.

... with strangers and unknown objects

With strangers he is suspicious but a few strokes are usually enough for him to calm down and be happy to be with humans. With unkown objects it is a little bit more difficult – but it is solveable for him: slowly but safely he is ready to cope with anything.