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Gender female
Date of birth 2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Banzai, Pepeo, Enzi
Pack Layla Pack;
together with Enzi, Layla & Zuri

The little princess

Panya …

... appearance

She is easly to recognize – she is white. She only has a few very light brown spots mainly on her back and face, but from further away those are not visible – she looks totally white.

... with conspecifics

She is our little wolf. She is not that much into playing – but when it comes to food, she is the one who is eating. She also likes to keep a little distance from the others – also when they are sleeping, she goes out and prefers to sleep outside of the doghouse, even though everyone is inside. learning and in interaction with us

Since she likes to keep distance, she is doing the same with us. Once she comes to like someone, she is adorable though. With tests it depends on the day. If she manages to concentrate she is the best of all. But sometimes she is just not into the mood of working – in that case she has the worst scores ever.

... with strangers and unknown objects

With stangers she is also unsecure at first – you have to earn her trust. But once you do that, she is going to love you and want to sit on your lab. With objects she first keeps distance, staring and walking around in circles before she gathers her courage to approach.