Cuddle dog

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Gender male
Date of birth 6/2011
Origin Hungary
Siblings Zuri
Companion Patricia Wiener
Pack Those, who left the pack;
together with Alika, Bashira, Hakima, Kali, Kilio, Pepeo, Rafiki, Tana & Yera

The leader of the "chicken"-bunch is a cheerful, thickly, wonderful cockerel

 - uh, dog.

Nuru …

... appearance

With his long, light-coloured coat, the soft ringlets on his ears and the tubby body Nuru is our parade-cuddle-dog.His body is longish, the legs are too short. Certainly there was a Golden Retriever in his bloodline1

... with conspecifics

Nuru is the leader of the small pack. He nice against the girl, as long as food is not concerned. While he protects his bite, the others play together. The calm life in the pack is certainly due to his sovereign character. learning and in interaction with us

The first touchscreen session of Nuru is unforgettable. He was not very god and much less than quick. for half an eternity he sat highly focused in front of the screen, until he  had solved all the tasks

His patience and calmness are striking!

With us Nuru is cuddle and heartily. He loves to be stroked, wags his tail and is glad. And we love to stroke him.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Even with new object Nuru is sovereign and calm. 

Unknown persons, in particular men, he shoos by furious barking at the fence. the veterinarian

Problably our veterinarian is taken by Nuru as a friendly, food-donating stroking-machine.

... as puppy

Our giant baby! Nuru was by far the largest and strong one in his puppy padk. Even his sister Zuri was not able to match him. But despite his impressive appearance he was a incredible affectionate being. He enjoyed each visit and each meeting. Be it man or animal.

He even loved Kilio and Meru - his pack-leaders-to-be - above all and was completely cock-a-hoo, whenever they met. Yet thereby he was a lot less boisterous than his overactive sister Zuri. From the very first day the both hang around together and from playing they never had enough - until today.