Big Buddy

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Gender Male
Date of birth 2010
Origin Hungary
Siblings Tana
Pack Merus Pack;
together with Hiari & Imara

Meru is the dearest of our dogs. He looks such big and sturdy, but yet he would never harm a fly.

Meru …

... appearance

Meru is our largest and heaviest dog, let's see, whether Nuru will be competing with him once he is fully grown. He has a black coat, light-brown legs, a white chest and in the face brownish markings, which reminds of a Bernese Cattle Dog. 

... with conspecifics

Kilio and Meru like to play together. Meru is quite strong, but Kilio shows more willpower and he subordinates to the bigger one frequently. Thus in their play once the one is the winner and then the other and both seem to be very relaxed.

Since the both females Bashira and Nia enlargen the pack it's about more than only fun in their play. It becomes more rough an especially Meru suffers from that. Even Nia and Bashira have already realized, that the calm chap can be walked over easily...

The wolves seem to upset Meru and then one can hear even him barking. learning and in interaction with us

Meru loves to be stroked and cuddled. He is very attentive and always nice with us.

At work he really does his best, but yet he not always the mos successful. Walking with him is recovery after dogs like Maisha! He is that calm.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Nes objects are huge fun to Meru and his pack fellow Kilio. Together they tear to pieces everything.

... as puppy

Meru was the largest of all and of a calm character. He was always friendly and never liked the ranking games as much as his brothers. According to Marion, a former trainee, he is the most beautiful dog in world.....! When entering the enclosure he ran towards one, cheerful wagging the tail, and with his oversized paws and the giant ears he looked like "Dumbo, the elephant" from Disney.
He loved eating as his brother Tana did and like to work for treats. He also liked to sit in front of the enclosure of the older dogs and to watch them curiously.