Working junkie

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Gender male
Origin Hungary
Siblings Kilio
Pack Bintis Pack;
together with Binti

As a single rather reserved, but with the pack in the thick of it. Maisha is a workdog - friendly to humans.

Maisha …

... appearance

Maisha is a big, shaggy male. Like his brother Kilio he is very muscular. But - like Binti - he also was born "docked", what doesn't seem to disturbe him in his communication within the pack.

Malicious tongues say he's a barrel with four sticks at it, real a chubby, what is anyone's guess!

... with conspecifics

In the ranking of his pack the shaggy males comes directly after the leader Rafiki. He likes to be strong and in a good ranking position, but never questions the leadership of Rafiki.

As a work-addicted beater he gets infected by the excitement of the others and cooperates enthusiastically.

Maisha defends the food eagerly - for he's extremly hoggish. learning and in interaction with us

Being very cuddly Maisha loves to lick our faces.

He is a wonderful walker and stands out by his cooperativeness to other tasks. He still like to train the commands and he reacts to our nals within seconds. Even in amidst the biggest sludge and mud he makes "sit" and "down".

... as puppy

Maisha is our cuddly dog and very sensitive. t unser Schmusehund und sehr sensibel. Er ist sehr anhänglich und obwohl er auch gerne mit den anderen Hunden rauft, liebt er es, zusammengekuschelt auf seinem Kissen neben seinem Bruder zu liegen.

Maisha likes to stay close to his brother, wether we go for a walk, a stranger or a large dog comes along, he always hids behind his brother trusting in being proteceted by him. He avoids conflicts in the hope, that Kilio or we will manage all.

Actually Maisha should be called "Shaggy", because his wire-haired coats wildly points to all directions. But the little brown-haired chap spellbinds you not only by his chubby figur but also by his cute beady eyes framed with a stripe of black fur.

Though Maisha was much smaller than his brother Kilio, he was in no way inferior to this whenit came to challenge the larger puppies to a game. He seemed to be drawn  especially to Alika and Rafiki. Time and time again the little one self-confidently stumped at one of the both and provoked a wild tussle by biting them into to hind-legs or the tail. As he was thus small compared to the others, he really was overrun and very often he had to be freed from this situation.

Since he found out, that "man" helpfully lend his support, he came running immediately to one of us, if the game started to become too wild. Maisha is also one of the puppies, who are very affectionate to humans.

Above all this is seen when it came to sleep. It was the favourite position of Maisha to lay his head onto the neck of "his" human. But before he tried to crawl into the sleeping roll to find there - as close to the human body as possible - a suitable sleeping place.

If "man" leaved the place for a short time, e.g. to prepare the bottle for the puppies, you can be sure, that Maisha makes himself home exactly there, where two minutes earlier you have been sitting or lying.