Cheerful nose-biter

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Gender female
Date of birth 03.08.2011
Origin Hungary
Siblings Bora
Pack Layla Pack;
together with Enzi, Panya & Zuri

This pretty black she-dog is cheerful, cheeky and of full go. She always seems to wait for the invitation to get up to follies. Her barking means "What are you doing? Me coming, too!" 

Layla …

... appearance

Layla is as large as her sister Bora. But she's all black except white spot on her chest. And on her little paws and in her face the tiger-like stripes - covering Bora all over - weakly can be seen.

... with conspecifics

Though Layla is quite naughty and likes to tear and bite everything, she is also very friendly. She seems to feel fine with her pack and shows it with her -  not really mellow - requests for play. learning and in interaction with us

As her conspecifics Layla treats us - despite all her love - rather rough. Furthermore she's specialized for human noses. She can jump very high and targeted and thus it happens: you get a blow on the nose. Iif you come up with the idea to sit down, she eagerly shows, how much she loves licking a face and in particular a nose.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Layla is not as timid as her sister Bora, but she's also not really brave, even not concerning new objects. Everything, that is supect for her, will be barked on. And everything haven legs, certainly would then go - her barking is quite high and unpleasing. the veterinarian

Layla is as fit as a fiddle and thus she regards our veterinarian as nice training with additional treats.