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Gender female
Date of birth 2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Hiari, Sahibu, Gombo
Pack Merus Pack;
together with Hiari & Meru

The independent

Imara …

... appearance

She is middle size, and she looks exactly like her mother, Nia. She is light brown with white marks on her legs.

... with conspecifics

She is quite an indepenedent dog, and she is not really getting involved in fights or play. If she does and if it is necessary, then she is able to protect herself against anyone, but she prefers to stay out of things. learning and in interaction with us

She shows the same indepenence towards humans as well. If she has an interest in doing something then there is no way talking her out of it – but if she has no interest, then you have no chance of convincing her to do it. Every action of hers is based on her decision – and on hers alone.

... with strangers and unknown objects

With unfamiliar people she is mostly indiffernt– they are not interesting to her, since there is no chance of food or anything to gain so why even bother? With unkonwn objects, she is quite self-secure and likes to explore things her own way. She is also very smart and relying on herself, so she is able to solve anything – as long as it is interesting.