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Date of birth 2014
Origin WSC
Pack Merus Pack;
together with Imara & Meru

The wise (or lazy, really hard to decide)

Hiari …

... appearance

Hiari’s appearance is really eye-catching. The fur colour is resembling a border collie, he has short fur that is mainly black and white, with brown spots especially in his face. However, his eyes are especially attractive. His left eye is completely blue, while the right eye is a bit more than half blue and the rest is brown. These special eye colouring gives him a really striking appearance. 

... with conspecifics

If Hiari knows and likes another dog he is friendly and enjoining the contact. Sometimes he is a bit pushy towards Meru and tries to get a higher position in the pack. He does not like the contact with unfamiliar dogs and he is defending his territory against strangers.

...at learning and in interaction with us

Hiari seems not to be the fastest if it comes to learning. However, he really likes a task, if he is interested in it, then he is suddenly quite fast. Therefore, it might me more a lack of motivation than something else. When he is interacting with familiar humans he is quite similar to his mother. If he is not interested in contact, than he seems rather distant. He is choosing his humans, and if he likes someone, that he is open and enjoining the cuddle sessions. 

... with strangers and unknown objects

When gests are visiting his back, he is not the one being over excited to greet the strangers. However, he is curious enough that he is sniffing at the people and also sometimes jumping up. But he prefers not to be petted to intensely.