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Gender female
Date of birth 03.08.2011
Origin Hungary
Siblings Layla
Pack Asali pack;
together with Asali & Banzai

Only to look at Bora makes happy. She and her sister often are standing at the fence - with

synchronic tail-wagging and friendly, jaunty faces and wait for us.

Bora …

... appearance

For sure Bora is one of our most beautiful dogs. Her striped coat and her beautiful face make her unique and a darling of the students. She is of  middle size and her coat is long and sleek.

Only her barking is inconvenient - loud and high - but has a endearable character and a high recognition value.

... with conspecifics

Bora is a very friendly and playful dog, perhaps because she's still young. In the pack of Nuru she felt well at the beginning. Only if Zuri pushed to the front to be cuddled Bora barked impatient and poisonous.She never pushes in front - she rather withdrwas herself and is in this cheerful pack a loner.

In autumn 2012 Bora was more mature and didn't haveanymore much fun in the pack of Nuru. Often bitchy frictions with her sister Layla and the lively Zuri made her life in the pack strenuous.Therefore we took her out and formed a small, calm pack together with. learning and in interaction with us

Most often Bora is motivated and at the touchscreen or with the Learning Set she cooperates enthusiastically.

She's very man-centered and tries to fulfill all tasks correctly.

When we visit the pack everyone jumps around and up on us, only Bora can calmly be stroked.

... with strangers and unknown objects

Bora also is open-minded against unknown persons.

But completely different with unknown objects!
Once she even was able to overjump a 1,80 m high fence because she was that frightened by a big red ball!