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Gender female
Origin Hungary
Siblings Asali
Pack Bintis Pack

This dog lady is a bundle of energy! She's the only female in her pack and real alpha-lady - as long as she knows everyone and everything around her and thus can feel safe.

Binti …

... appearance

Binti is our largest female. With her brown coat, her tender, brown eyes and her dark nose reminding of a Malinois, she simply is beautiful.

Her tail never was docked, she simply has no one - only a knob. Whereas her brother Asali looks normal.

... with conspecifics

Binti is the high-ranking female in the pack. She joins in everything, be it barking at dangerous territory rivals through the fence, running madly through the enclosure or together with the others to bug Asali. Binti is respected by all of the pack members and always is in the thick of it. learning and in interaction with us

Binti is very intimate and cuddly with persons familiar to her.

She cooperates well and it is a joy for everyone to work with her, as she's quickly learning.

... with strangers and unknown objects

With unknown person Binti is the most reserved one. At the fence barking like mad, in the enclosure being cautious. the veterinarian

With Mrs. Dr. Buchmayer Binti also is rather reserved.

... as puppy

Binti has the most curious body shape of all: When she still was a baby and got the bottle, one always felt as she could slip out of our hands. It hasn't much changed since then, she still is very flexible in her body movements. Another special mark is her missing tail, what does not handicap her in the communication with her brothers.