Small Princess

Bashira sits there and is looking very serious Photo: Peter Kaut Image 1 of 2 Open lightbox

Gender Female
Date of birth 2010
Origin Hungary
Siblings Hakima
Pack Those, who left the pack;
together with Alika, Hakima, Kali, Kilio, Nuru, Pepeo, Rafiki, Tana & Yera

Of all dogs of the Wolf Science Center the smallest one has the loudest voice.

Bashira …

... appearance

This midget-dog is the proof, that we wooshed past the idea of keeping only hip-high dogs. But how could this be recognized in an only 10 days old puppy? Her brother Hakima at least reaches up to the knees!

Due to her faithful puppy eyes and her delicate, chary appearance Bashira became the darling of our big as well as little visitors. But only until she opens her mouth and starts to bark .... with a nerve-wracking volume.

... with conspecifics

Bashira likes to be cheeky and sometimes even to be cunning. If someone is harrassed, she certainly will be in on it. But at the same time she's such a sensitive plant!

The other dogs interact with the little dog-lady her very tenderly. Kilio is incredible friendly with her, except she's barking to loud and Meru can be teased by her without loosing his patience. With Nia she even can be seen in games.

But not always it was that idyllic. In the pack of  Rafiki Bashira was mobbed by the other she-dog Binti time and time again. Thus she even was afraid to pass the other dogs. learning and in interaction with us

Well, there are those characters, which never may be forced in any way. And so's Bashi: If Misses is not in the mood, she's not in the mood. If she works, then preferably with cheese. She always puts our patience to the test by thinking long and hard in slow-motion, whether she would like to work today..... the veterinarian

Bashira has absolutely no problems with Dr. Buchmayer. But she kept in mind, that the trainers are complicite injections! And theerfore she 's good as gold in making "sit" or "roll" for Mathilde Buchmayer, as long as no trainer runs close to her or even more wants something from her. Its the ccombination of veterinarian + trainer what Bashi is afraid of.

... as puppy

She always looks like a cuddly toy - as a baby and still today. So tiny, soft and simply too sweet! zu süß! She can melt any heart with her warm, brown eyes and everyone would like to comply with every wish of her. But she can be a pain in the neck with her high, piercing and long lasting yapping.....

She always was the first one to go to bed, huddling close to a person to catch as much warmth as possible.

The meaning of her name "bringing good news" and she's doing so as a very smart girl! At the touchscreen she does nearly as well as her brother Hakima. And how she can use all of the advantages by Meru and Tana shows her intelligence as well. As they have the thickest coat of all the dogs, she likes to sleep on, between or beneath them.