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Gender male
Date of birth 2014
Origin WSC
Siblings Panya, Pepeo, Enzi
Pack Asali pack;
together with Asali & Bora

The Sensitive

Banzai …

... appearance

He is also white, like Panya, but with a lot darker markes on him. He has dark blue eyes, and quite long ears and tail.

... with conspecifics

He really is a senstive dog, he thinks everything is about him, so he often ends up being in the middle of actions. He loves to play chasing and getting chased. learning and in interaction with us

For him the best way to spend time is sleeping next to us or on us. He prefers to stay at our side even when his siblings are having fun playing around. In the beginning of some tests he is not that self-secure, but once he calms down, he is pretty good, and able to show attention far longer than the others.

... with strangers and unknown objects

With strangers he needs usually some time to calm down – also with strange objects. But once he does this, he is climbing into laps winning people’s heart in a minute.