Good-natured giant

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Gender male
Date of birth 13.09.2010
Breed Mongrel
Siblings Binti
Pack Asali pack;
together with Banzai & Bora

This friendly and clever male dog and always stays calm. He appeared to us to be too ham-fisted for leadership. Now he has proven the opposite.

Asali …

... appearance

Asali is one of our largest dog. Among all of the others he also owns the coat!  Due to hs sad, dear eyes and his greyish coat he sometimes look like a wise man, watching what happens from outside...

... with conspecifics

When Asali was integrated into the pack of Nuru, he went from being the lowest-ranking dog to being the chief. He subdued Nuru and after a fight we separated both.

Asali was - according to his character - calm and rather reserved with his pack members in the pack of Rafiki. In the ranking he had the lowest position and thus often got a nasty bashing.

He loves to chase the wolves along the fence, what could be watched very well as long we didn't have a visual protection between the enclosures. The wolf Geronimo and the dog Asali really seem to "love each other to bits". learning and in interaction with us

Asali is a true showpiece dog. At the "Advanced Tours" for dog trainers our trainers often showed on him what our dogs are able to. Asali is reliable and at this presentations trainesr never have been left in the lurch by him.

At the touchscreen yet, he's not really a hero. He drools that much on the screen, that one has to clean it all over the time and thus proceeds only very arduously ...

... as puppy

Asali is our tender giant. At the play with his "pack brothers" Tana and Meru he sometimes is a bit harsher. But to our little Bashira he's always tender and cautious like a real gentleman. Sometimes he looks like an old, wise man, just sitting around the whole day long and watching the others. But if something exiting happens outside, he's the first one running to have a look at! At the training he is cooperative and very clever - but sometimes still very uncertain.