The she-dog Alika in the snow Photo: Marianne Heberlein Image 1 of 2 Open lightbox

Gender female
Date of birth 11/30/2009
Origin Hungary
Siblings Rafiki
Companion Marianne Heberlein
Pack Those, who left the pack;
together with Bashira, Hakima, Kali, Kilio, Nuru, Pepeo, Rafiki, Tana & Yera

Alika is a cheerful, adventurous dog, vibrant with energy. At any time she can get enthusiastic about work with man or other activities.

She loves her humans above all. Earlier she hardly could understand, why the humans in the evening, after the evening feeding simply left the dog enclosure and went away without her. In the beginning, instead of eating like the others, she very often shouted after the person.

The little lady had the men's world under control, yet she seemed to be longing for the human company. Her wish was answered. She's now living with a family among two- and four-legged friends!

Alika …

... appearance

Alika is a more fine-boned little she-dog. Predominantly she is coloured black and brown, unly the bottom side of her tail and the long hair of her hind legs are pale beige. Her prefered way of walking is a quick trot, but the little whirlwind loves it much more to run around in the enclosure.

... with conspecifics

The little dog lady has an extremly bold temper and no construction noise, no fire works, and also no crowd can ruffle her, but only large, strange dogs.

In her pack at the WSC she was able to put the alpha male up to harassing, which often was painfully felt of the lower-ranking dogs. Meanwhile she cast off this habit! In her new pack she was initially brought together with only two females. But she seemed to feel very well at this unfamiliar lowest-ranking place in the pack. A low rank can be of great advantage, because one is protected in difficult situations. Until now one tried to banish strange dogs together with the pack and in the homelike park at the WSC there still was this protecting fence, and henceforth one meets strange dogs everywhere.

Slowly, slowly Alika learnt, how to deal with strange dogs, i.e. you must not run towards them barking loudly and then, if they yet come nearer end up in a "screaming fit". Now small dogs and large, calm dogs are no longer a problem Alika, but sometimes there are these large, pushy males or the quickly approaching large dogs...Fortunately there is her own two- and four-legged pack, who together will avert the "worst". :-) learning and in interaction with us

Alika is learning new things enthusiastically! Being a young dog she already she was peeved by the other members of the pack and snarled them away, if the disturbed her in working with man.

Working with man is extremely cool, but being stroked and playing with humans is also not to bad, too!

... with strangers and unknown objects

The humans at the WSC in generally ranked among the best in the life of Alika. One could climb on the lap of everyone, lick the face, clean the ears and the nose in particular, and enjoy being stroked.

Meanwhile this has changed a little bit. Today the little lady does not consider it necessary to welcome each person, she became rather observant and more impersonal, but never unpolite. I.e. is any interaction wished by man, one wags graciously and allows stroking.

Strange objects must be very, very interesting to be delt with, otherwise they are sipmly ignored. the veterinarian

Alika patiently endures all veterinarian treatments. The main point is, one is stroked in doing so...

... as puppy

The lively dog girl owned - even as a little being - endless energy. Nearly everytime she was the first one, who woke up after a nap and the last one, who went to sleep after a rollicking play. All the time curious, she was at the frontline, whether there was something new to be discovered or to loudly to announce, that there are dogs at home.

Certainly playing was her favourite hobby. She was could frolic around for hours, leap at the other puppies together with Rafiki, that sometimes in a way, they felt uneasy about. But what was able to interrupt this boisterous play, was the possibility to work with a person. Thereby she didn't accept a gadfly near her!  Fully concentrated she kept on task and she learnt something new very quickly.

Certainly the culmination of all were the walks. What she didn't like at all (a bit) was another puppy were allowed to a walk and she had to stay behind. No fence was ever high enough, nothing could hold her, she simply had to take part. :-)