About us

These pages will tell you about the formation of the Wolf Science Center (WSC) and about the aims, we are working with. But, who is behind this „We“? Meet our  variegated team.

  • Mission, Vision & Goals

    Where it's at?
    The graphic illustrates the three goals of the WSC: science, education and good animal keeping

    What were the intentions of the three founders when giving birth to the WSC? What do they want to achieve?

  • History

    Friederike Range, Kurt Kotrschal and Zsofia Viranyi with the first 4 wolf puppies in their arms

    How did everything start and how did the WSC develop? Here is our history in chronological order: with all of the ups and downs, which left their marks on us.

  • Your collaboration at the Wolf Science Center

    Become a member of the pack!
    Trainer squats laughing among three puppies in the enclosure

    Place your knowledge, your time and your commitment in service of the WSC and make use of our ressources for your work and interests!

  • Our Wolves

    Who's then howling there with whom?
    Shima and Kaspar howling together

    Here you get to know our packs and each single animal. Perhaps you also will find out the tone range your favourite wolf is howling with.

  • Our dogs

    What about's the yapping there?
    Five dogs standing together in the snow

    The different characters of our dogs, how they get along with each other and who has the loudest voice in the pack - meet all of them here!

  • The WSC Team

    What are you doing here?

    There's a big diversity in the team of the WSC. Men, wolves and dogs work together, volunteers and employed collaborators complement each other at the best and trainees & students from all over the world complete the troop.